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Page Background

The Bail Administration unit is one of two agencies in Lancaster County which provides access to the Court for victims of

domestic violence to file

pro se

petitions. The Pennsylvania Protection from Abuse (PFA) Act requires the Court of Common

Pleas to provide access to forms and clerical assistance for victims of domestic violence not represented by counsel. In ad-

dition to the Pennsylvania Protection from Abuse Act, in March 2014 the Pennsylvania Legislature established the Protection

of Victims of Sexual Violence or Intimidation Act. As part of this legislation, the Bail Administration unit provides access and

assistance to the Court for victims of sexual violence and intimidation to file

pro se

petitions seeking protection. In 2015, the

Bail Administration unit provided assistance and access to 745 victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and intimida-


The Bail Administration unit processes all requests for court-appointed counsel and free legal counsel in all criminal,

Children and Youth proceedings, and support contempt hearings. Applicants for free legal counsel for these matters pro-

vide financial information to the Bail Administration unit and are screened for financial eligibility as established by court

financial guidelines and criteria. In 2015, the Bail Administration unit processed 9,151 applications for free legal counsel for

various related court proceedings.

In addition, the Bail Administration unit facilitates court policy and procedures as related to Act 172 of 2006, which re-

quires the Lancaster Court of Common Pleas to provide state-certified or otherwise qualified interpreters for all court pro-

ceedings, including the Magisterial District Courts. It is the responsibility of the Bail Administration unit to preserve the

rights of defendants, victims, plaintiffs, parents of juveniles, and witnesses involved in court proceedings who are not Eng-

lish-proficient. In 2015, the Bail Administration unit provided services for 1,715 interpreter requests for 26 different lan-

guages in all 19 District Courts and the Lancaster County Courthouse.

Finally, in 2014, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts launched an ini-

tiative to assist, support, and enforce every Judicial District in Pennsylvania in implementing a Language Access Plan. Dur-

ing the initial discussions as related to Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, it was decided that the Assistant Court

Administrator-Bail would be designated as the Language Access Coordinator for all of the Lancaster County Court of Com-

mon Pleas. Since March of 2015, the Bail Administration unit has ensured that any individual that is seeking the services of a

Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas agency is serviced regardless of their level of English proficiency. Through the

use of mandatory employee trainings, “I Speak” posters, telephonic interpreters, and translation of vital court documents,

every individual seeking the services of the Court in Lancaster County is given equal access to the administration of justice.

Through the efforts of the Bail Administration unit, all 53 languages reflected in Lancaster County can receive services at all

court agency service centers.


The Criminal Scheduling unit encompasses many different duties including, but not limited to, preparing weekly con-

ference lists, organizing and notifying parties of judicial assignments, preparing the court schedule, scheduling requested

criminal hearings, collecting statistics, and providing the public with information on scheduled events. This unit is com-

prised of two Criminal Scheduling Clerks and the Assistant District Court Administrator-Criminal.

The Bailiff unit is entrusted to maintaining peace in the courtrooms. The Bailiff is responsible for checking in those that

are present for court. The bailiffs also staff the jury lounge and make sure jurors safely travel from check-in to the courtroom

until dismissal. The Bailiff Unit is comprised of one Bailiff Supervisor, thirty-four bailiffs, and the Assistant District Court Ad-