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the District Court Administrator

We celebrate this year the 225


Anniversary of

the first session of the Lancaster County Court of

Common Pleas on October 31, 1791. Central to

that celebration is the recognition of the

professional work performed by over 485 talented

and dedicated Court employees. Although the

Court has grown tremendously over the last 225

years to meet the needs of the County’s over

530,000 citizens, it is no less dedicated to the fair,

impartial, effective, and efficient administration of


It is therefore with great pride we present this

Judicial Services Report highlighting the major

responsibilities and accomplishments of the

Judges, Magisterial District Judges, various Court

departments, and Court-related offices.

Additionally, we are grateful for the support of the

Commissioners, other elected officials and the

citizenry of the County.

Mark M. Dalton

District Court Administrator

Dennis E. Reinaker

President Judge

Dennis E. Reinaker Mark M. Dalton